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  • The cybersecurity of personal data that belongs to the visitors of is the main priority of our website’s administration. This privacy policy was developed and integrated into the functioning of to prove the absolute transparency of our services, as well as to inform the users on our ways of collecting, analysing, using, and transferring (hereafter “processing”) personal data. This document also fully corresponds to the recent changes in data privacy regulations, namely The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In case you are a resident of the European Union or European Economic Area, this document will inform you on certain choices you can make in terms of processing personal information we have about your persona. We are asking you to read this document thoroughly. Your actions of visiting depose that you are familiar with our privacy policy and that you fully accept it including the data processing algorithms we perform (to the legally confirmed extent). We are also aware of the fact that underage people (children and teenagers) take a distinctive share in a total number of our visitors. We provide extra security matters to protect all the personal information gathered from our younger audience. Administration of also keeps the content children-friendly and do not post anything R-rated on its pages.
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy.The algorithms and actions for data processing taken by the administration of may eventually change if the corresponding need appears. In case this happens, we will update this privacy policy immediately. Please, check this document on a regular basis.
  • Collection of Personal Information.At com, the user information collection is not automated. We gather the needed data in the following ways:
    • Automatic non-personal information. When you enter, the web server we use automatically receives certain kinds of non-personal information. This might include IP address of your Internet provider, what browser do you use, extensions installed, device type, language, operating system, cookie data, etc. Such information does not disclose your identity. If we ever use any identifying info about you, we will obligatorily seek for your approval before doing that. uses cookies, page tags, and web beacons. Please, read further to find out what are cookies and ways you could take the control over them.
    • Information you give us yourself.If you start an account with or, for example, ordering something from it, then you provide our administration with such personal information as your name, e-mail address, shipping information, etc. Information you fill in your personal profile with (such as gender, age, location, hobbies, and so on) is also stored at our servers correspondingly.
  • Use of information. We use all the persona-identifying information to provide you with services that could not be performed without it (example given, orders delivery, personal account registration and support, etc.), as well as to give you personalized and more narrowly targeted recommendations, promotions, and update you on goods and/or new posts that would interest you the most. Some of your personal data will also be used in responding to your comments and inquiries.
  • Non-identifying user information. Technical data that does not identify the persona of a particular user (as listed above: IP address of your Internet provider, what browser you use, extensions installed, device type, language, operating system, cookies, page tags, and web beacons among others) is processed and used to analyze the website’s performance in the world wide web and to find out ways we could optimize and improve our site in terms of user experience.
  • Consent/Opt-in. Please, be aware that fully relies on your agreement to share your personal identifying and non-identifying information with us. If you are an EU or EEA resident, we are forced to ask you to sign an extra agreement in accordance with EU GDPR about your data processing and potential share of it to third-party companies or marketing campaigns. Please, note that you can easily withdraw your consent anytime you want.
  • Third-party share and information disclosure. Any information that you shared with us (automatically or on purpose) will not be disclosed or sold to the third party. The only exception com could make at this matter applies to the need of exposing user data by law obligation (including accounting and taxes). Some of the information might be disclosed to our suppliers and/or contractors in order to provide you with the services available on our website.
  • The legal basis for personal data processing. In order to demonstrate our compliance with all the EU regulations for data protections currently valid, we have to possess all the legally acknowledged grounds that would allow us to process your personal information.
    • Your consent.Most likely, we will ask you to sign up for our newsletters, emails, marketing campaigns, and other kinds of communication. In case of your approval, we will use your personal data to send you the content that will be targeted to your interests.
    • Protecting our users.If needed, we will use any information we have to protect you from a potential hazard.
    • Compliance with legal obligations.We may analyse information about our users if this would be required by law.
    • Legitimate issues.We conserve our right to process your user data in order to fulfil our legitimate and business interests. Most frequently, this includes website visiting statistics, audience analysis, potential investments, etc.
  • Cookies and similar technologies. Cookie is a text file with very limited functionality that can do no harm to the device you are using for browsing. The primary purpose of cookies is to let our website recognize your device. We use session, persistent, third-party, behavioural advertising, and controlling cookies. also uses Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting developed by Google as well as Amazon affiliate advertising services.
  • Links to other sites.Our website contains links to other websites, which are placed at com only for content purposes. We do not own or take responsibility for any of these websites.
  • Children privacy and safety. Although we do not target to people aged below 13 years old, all of our users being younger than 13 have to provide the consent of their parents to prove their permission for the child to use our website. We treat our younger audience in accordance withthe Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
  • Secure Socket Layer standard of encryption to make sure your personaldata is safe and secure.
  • Contact information for complaints and communication.If you have a question about our privacy policy, please send us your inquiries at [email protected]
  • This document was last updated: 10/04/2018
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