Best Wet Weather Golf Grips


Things To Know About Playing Golf In Wet Weather

Although it is really great when the sun shines and a breeze touches your skin when you play this game, it is not always possible to play in such weather because the weather conditions may change quickly. In such case, some players simply choose to stay at home. However, if you do not want to be one of those put off by the rain, you should learn what you can do to improve your performance, for example, choose best wet weather golf grips, during the wet weather to ensure the great experience.

What happens when you play in wet conditions? When the weather is rainy, it can be really challenging for any player to maintain a firm grip, unless the one is designed in a special way. You should be very careful with wet grips. Even though you may be able to avoid dropping your club, a tiny bit of twisting is just enough for a poor strike on the ball.

So, what can you do? When playing this game, it is essential to ensure solid contact with the ground and the club; otherwise, your game will not be successful, and you will return home frustrated. There are a few things that can be done. You should avoid gripping your club more tightly, which is a natural wish when your grip is wet and thus, it is something that any player would do intuitively. You can ensure better control by purchasing special products that have been designed with wet weather conditions in mind. Golf grips for rainy weather are some of them.

Manufacturers aim at helping you improve your experience in any weather conditions, and you can find a range of products made of special materials, using certain patterns, and featuring effective designs to prevent any problems associated with wet weather.

Why Choosing The Right Golf Grips For Wet Weather Is Important?

What benefits are provided by golf grips for rain? Any amount of water between your hands and your grip may lead to losing control and can result in the slide and slip in your hands. That is why choosing right product is so important. Golf grips for wet weather use special technologies and materials eliminating the undesired effects of water, which allows a player to control the situation better.

Purchasing quality equipment increases your chances of a better game. Wet weather golf grips from different brands can differ by size, materials, texture patterns, and other characteristics, so it can take you some time to choose the ideal product suiting your needs the most. It is important to know what exactly to choose. It is great if you can find some time to check golf grips reviews to get a better idea of what you need and what to purchase, and, of course, it would be just great if you could test those products yourself before buying them. Anyway, investing in golf grips for rainy weather is beneficial. It is recommended to purchase a set of cord-based ones that come with cord weaved into the rubber material.

Top 5 Best Wet Weather Golf Grips

How to choose? There are many different options available on the market today. If you really want to make sure that no problems will be encountered regardless of the weather conditions, you should purchase quality products for your golf clubs. Although it can take several hours to find the right product, you should do that because this will allow you to enjoy the great feel and performance in any conditions. We can help you with that. We have gone through a range of products, and now offer to your attention the following 5 golf grips that are great for wet weather:

  •  Golf Pride Tour Z
  • Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips
  • Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Series Standard Golf Club Grip
  • Iomic Grips – Sticky 2.3
  • SuperStroke Golf 2017 S-Tech Standard Grip

Below you will find a description of each. We recommend you reading each golf review to find out how they differ one from another and decide which one is a perfect option for you.

Golf Pride Tour Z


This model’s brushed cotton cord easily wicks away moisture. This model has the firmest feeling cord among other products from Golf Pride, the leader in the production of grips. Z-shaped texture pattern provides greater traction. You can count on enjoying maximum feedback and stability in any conditions.


  • Brushed cotton cord;
  • Z-shaped texture pattern;
  • 60 Round core size;
  • Weights only 50g.

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Lamkin UTx Cord

UTx Cord from Lamkin is a tri-layer model that provides the perfect feel thanks to the Softer ACE foundation. The ACE material used in outer layer dampens vibration. Moisture is wicked by full cord fabric, which allows using this model in wet conditions.


  • Tri-Layer Technology;
  • Softer ACE foundation;
  • ACE material;
  • .580 core size.

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Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Series

It is a hybrid model with a combination of rubber and cord that allows enjoying a firm feedback and soft responsiveness. More pressure in the upper hand provides maximum power transfer. Better control and accuracy are ensured by lower pressure in the lower hand, while high weather management allows using it in any weather.


  • High Moisture Management;
  • Firm cord upper for control;
  • High Surface Texture;
  • BCT Cord Upper / Rubber Lower;
  • 60 Round.

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Iomic Grips – Sticky 2.3

It is the softest and tackiest model that comes with durable waterproof Elastomer. Its surface design reduces torque. A soft touch and feel are ensured by the Square pattern. It is one of the best 100% waterproof golf grips, which means that it can withstand any amount of moisture without any water damage, which makes it a great choice for a rainy weather.


  • Waterproof Elastomer;
  • The Square pattern;
  • 50 gram;
  • A 2.3mm outer wall;

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SuperStroke 2017 S-Tech Standard

This model provides a soft, tacky feel thanks to the premium rubber compound, which also ensures great feedback and control. Non-slip Cross-Traction™ surface allows using it in all weather conditions.


  • Cross-Traction™ surface;
  • 60″;
  • 52 grams;
  • Round shape;
  • Standard size.



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