Best Golf Ball For Slice

What Is A Slice In Golf And How It Can Be Avoided?

This issue is well known to many players. The majority of beginners and recreational golf players often feel the need to find a cure for a slice, which is a golf shot resulting in the ball curving dramatically from left to right due to slice spin. In fact, the slice can be useful sometimes but anyway, in most cases, this is a mistake of golf players that does not allow the ball to hit the target. This often worsens the game experience. You can do several things to avoid it, for excample, choice best golf ball for slice reducing. Before we explain you them, you should know the reasons standing behind this problem to know what exactly you do wrong and how to deal with it.

The following are two main reasons that explain this issue:

  • An open position of the clubface at impact due to setup/swing issues;
  • Due to an out-to-in swing path opening the face by “swiping” or “wiping” across the golf balls, causing the slice spin.

What else to keep in mind? The direction of flight is mainly affected by the clubface angle (70-90%) and less influenced by the clubhead swing path at impact.

So, what can you do to fix it? The following are 5 tips that you can use to prevent slicing:

  • Releasing the club.
  • Improving your weight transfer.
  • Controlling ball position.
  • Checking your grip.
  • Purchasing two-piece models to reduce slice.

Releasing the club. Releasing the club ensures forearm rotation into the ball. You should make sure to release the following angles: backswing, the right wrist, the left wrist, the right elbow.

If you do not rotate the forearms, the face may be pointed right, which will cause a slice. It requires some practice. You need to devote some time and effort to master this skill and get used to releasing all of the angels and rotating the forearms automatically.

Improving your weight transfer. Another mistake is transferring your weight correctly.  You may take a good position but screw everything up by starting down with the shoulders because this does not allow your weight to be transferred onto the left side, so the club will come down outside the correct line. This is primarily a body rotation problem. For practicing, you should place your golf bag right next to your left leg and control that your hip rotates to the right, comes back to the same position, and then rotates to the left when you hit the ball. If you have overdone it, your golf bag will fall.

Controlling ball position. You should control your ball position – it should be in the center of your feet, and you should carefully check everything before you hit it.

Checking your grip. A slice may occur due to a weak grip. You should avoid placing your top hand too far underneath the club, so at address, you should check that you can see two knuckles on the top hand, which ensures the neutral grip.

Purchasing two-piece balls. How does it matter? In fact, these can help you deal with slice. It is a simple thing that you can do in order to reduce a slice, even though, this may not eliminate all the problems associated with the incorrect position, club path or swing issues, it will make things easier for you in terms of avoiding slicing your ball.

What Are Two-Piece Golf Balls And Why Are They Great For Reducing Slice?

Any two-piece golf ball ensures a reduction in a slice. They are designed for beginners, 80 to 90% of which experience the slicing problem, and other golf players who need to ensure a low rate of spin.

The following are advantages of two-pieces balls over three-piece options:

  • Affordability – such models usually have a solid center core and a hard, surlyn cover, which ensures the lower price;
  • Greater Distance – this is ensured by the harder outer layer and greater compression;
  • Greater Durability – thanks to the hard, surlyn cover, these are less prone to scratches and cuts;
  • Harder Feel – all two-piece golf balls ensure a harder feel upon impact;
  • Reduced Spin – you can get the best golf ball to reduce slice.

These are the main benefits. All in all, two-pieces golf balls to help with slice and are a great choice for players dealing with this problem. Below you will find a list of the best options.

The Best Golf Ball For Slice

We have selected 5 best golf balls. Each of them has different characteristics, cons, and pros, prices, manufacturers, etc., but all of them are suitable for fixing a slice so you can choose the best golf ball for slice. Look at each to make the right choice.

The following are the models that we recommend:

  • Wilson Staff Fifty Elite
  • Nike Power Distance Soft Dozen
  • Callaway 2017 Warbird
  • Bridgestone e5
  • Nike Juice Dozen

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

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It is a great model for players, whose usual swing speed is less than 95 mph and those players looking for best golf ball to help with slice. The balls are available in different colors. They have an advanced rubber core and firm ionomer cover, which allows players to enjoy performance balance of a soft feel and long distance. Its lively core is 22% softer than the competition. A more stable and penetrating ball flight is achieved by 302 PhD aerodynamics and note that its durability is increased by plastic slidepack.

A great lively core May require more aggressiveness in the stroke to reach a hole
The softest two-piece distance ball  
50-compression golf balls  
Ensure a penetrating flight and more stability  
Great for reducing a slice  

Nike Power Distance Soft Dozen

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These balls come with a solid super flex core, which is great for reducing slice spin. This model is excellent for slower swing speeds (less than 100 mph). A longer distance is ensured by a softened ionomer cover, low-compression core, and a 432 dimple pattern. These models provide consistent flight. Its softness is achieved by the thin cover and a low-compression core, and what is also important – they provide great value and performance. However, there are also some cons.

Reduced slice Not suitable for players with high swing speed
Great for playing with slower swing speeds Not good for players who prefer the hard 
Provided soft feel  
Ensure a penetrating flight and more stability  

Callaway 2017 Warbird

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It is suitable for players seeking distance, which is achieved by the extra-large, soft, high-energy core that enhances speed. It is a great a golf ball reduce slice. It is also a good choice for reducing a slice. Both increased speed and distance are also ensured by HEX Aerodynamics that allows you to enjoy high launch. A slightly firmer urethane cover provides the crisper feel. The balls come with thin, high-sensory ionomer cover, which makes it possible to use any club with the same satisfying feel. This is a good option.

Great speed and distance It has medium compression
Soft fee It is suitable for players with speed swing below 90 mph
Provides a stable ball trajectory  
Great for reducing a slice  
High-sensory ionomer cover  

Bridgestone e5

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These models are also worth attention. They have been designed for the gold players with a swing speed of around 90 mph and they allow you to gain more distance through a higher trajectory. The e5 comes with a high compression rating. Thanks to the urethane, high-spinning tour cover, the players can enjoy a softer feel and more spin. Its 326 dimples design improves ball flight and distance.

Soft fee The extra height makes shots more vulnerable to the wind
They are suitable for players with a swing speed below 90 mph  
High flight and more control  
Controllable around the greens  

Nike Juice Dozen

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This is a good choice for those players looking for long distance and the best golf ball for a slice. It has been designed for golfers with low/medium swing speed. Thanks to the low compression core, you will enjoy massive velocity, low spin, playability, and soft feel around the green.  

The balls come with a 312 dimple pattern design. 

A high, straight trajectory Suitable only for players with low or medium swing speed
The low compression core  
Great velocity  
Low spin  
Great for reduction slice  
Reduced side effects of ballooning or flaring  

To cure the slicing problem, you need to practice a lot in order to polish your technique and ensure a better experience, and we have provided you with several recommendations to use for this purpose. In addition, purchasing the two-piece ball for slice can help you a lot. They are designed in a way to provide less spin, and you can really find high-quality and affordable products but you should mind different features like speed, distance, feel, etc. If you have read each review provided above, you may have an idea of what you should choose. Compare cons and pros of different balls. Over the time, you will master your skills, but if you want to avoid any slice issues now, generally, if you like the benefits provided by two-pieces balls, you can do a simple thing – purchase one of the products that we have selected for you. Also, you can find review of best cold wearher golf ball.