Best Cold Weather Golf Ball

There are not many golf players who enjoy playing it in harsh wintry conditions, but if you belong to those passionate lovers of the game who would not be stopped by the wind or snow, you should know what you can do in order to eliminate or at least minimize the difficulties associated with the bad weather. You should purchase special golf balls! A cold weather golf ball is the best choice.

If you remember it from your school lessons, cold temperatures may affect the physical characteristics of objects, and, though, that may not be visible, you will see the difference when playing golf — your regular ball will fly lower and not as effective as you would expect, which is explained by the impact of the cold weather. 

Golf Ball And Cold Weather

In order to ensure the best experience when playing golf during the bad weather, it is important to choose the correct clothes, shoes, clubs, and, of course, balls. A lower compression ball is the optimal variant.

Both the golf ball and the club are impacted by cold weather, which reduces the transfer of energy between the two forces, and as a result, ball’s speed decreases along with the distance. You will definitely experience the difference. That is why it is important to have golf balls that will not be affected by the cold weather as your pleasure from the game and of course, its effectiveness depends on this directly.

How are those cold weather balls different? There are several distinguishing properties of those, including the following:

✔ Lighter weight

✔ A low compression rating

Low compression options are suitable for cold weather. Thanks to their ability to compress fractionally, they are able to fly further, which is the main reason why so many cold-weather golfers prefer to use them. We’ve already discussed that these balls are designed with lower compressions but there is another important difference – they are also available in brighter colors. This helps find them without any problems in frosty conditions.

Thanks to these properties of cold weather golf balls, the effects of the winter will not be crucial, since they are able to withstand more freezing temperatures during the game, making them the best choice for the game in harsh conditions. Low compression balls are also suitable for beginners. As for high compression ones that are usually used by golfers, they are heavier and can simply freeze during the winter.​

There are drawbacks of golf balls for winter. These balls provide less spin and control, which is the main reason why higher compression balls are preferred by golf players during the warmer seasons.​ Anyway, spin is not a crucial thing during the winter. That is why, it is recommended to have a separate set of golf balls for cold weather and additional set for summertime. And it is also important to choose quality products.

The following are key factors that you might also find interesting:

  • The optimum temperature ranges from 70 to 90 degrees and if it drops to 40 degrees, the ball loses its speed;
  • It also loses two yards for every ten degrees drop;
  • Thanks to low compression, ladies golf balls play pretty well in wintry conditions;
  • If a ball gets colder, its speeds decreases, which results in distance loss;
  • It has to be both hard and soft;
  • Cold air differs from warm air in density and higher velocity is required for the thicker air to eliminate the additional drag on the ball;
  • Softer balls are able to compress more easily;
  • Your ball should not be stored in a cold place because the heat makes it more elastic, which ensures longer distance;
  • It is recommended to use colored options for better visibility in snowy conditions.

Best Golf Balls For Cold Weather

Over the past several years, manufacturers have included various products with low compression, so you can find plenty of brand name balls that can be used during the winter. It may be difficult to choose something. Although all of them come with similar characteristics, there are certain differences between them, which can make it hard to choose one particular product. How to make the right choice? You should compare products of different brands. You will have to spend some time on research because it is important to understand what exactly you will get for the price that you are willing to pay to purchase the needed product.

However, if you want to save some time, we can help you select the best products. Below, you will find the list of five options, based on which you can decide which one is the best cold weather golf ball for you. So, the following variants are best of the best:

  • Callaway Chrome Soft 2017;
  • Bridgestone E6 Soft;
  • Titleist NXT Tour S;
  • Precept Laddie X;
  • Srixon Soft Feel.

Callaway Chrome Soft 2017

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Callaway Chrome Soft 2017 allow players to enjoy a soft feel and get the most out of the game. They are great for tour-level distance during the winter. By purchasing products from this line, you will enjoy workability and control thanks to its “Dual Soft-Fast” core. Are you looking for the most accurate cold weather balls? Its 4-piece construction, Tour Urethane Cover, and mantle layer all together make an awesome combination to provide more control; long, straight flight; and extreme spin during the winter so you will definitely make the right choice by purchasing them!

Very durable Not the lowest-priced
Great distance  
Soft feel  

Bridgestone E6 Soft

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Bridgestone E6 Soft products are designed for long iron spin and low driver. They allow enjoying the incredibly soft feel. They come with the Delta Dimple design that makes air resistance smoother and insures straight shots, while the combination of advance cover and mantle provides outstanding performance, and although they have low spin, they are great for the winter game.

Low trajectory Low spin
Straight flight  
Long distance  

Titleist NXT Tour S

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These are quality high-performance options – they deliver low driver and long iron spin for a long distance along with great shot-stopping control, which is great for harsh weather. All balls have a dual core and a soft center. They come with a 302 octahedral dimple design and soft Fusablend cover. The center of the new dual-core is 66% larger, which provides longer distance, while the cover ensures a soft feel. The dimple placement maximizes distance and consistent flight is ensured by the dimple pattern that makes it possible to use it in all weather conditions. Therefore, it is a good choice!

Dual-core technology Low launching on pitch shots
Soft feel  
Works with short drivers and long irons  

Precept Laddie X

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The Precept Laddie X allow a golfer to enjoy low spin and high launch, thanks to a 372 wind-cheating design and the combination of enhanced velocity muscle fiber core and touch control. It is a great choice for the wintertime. This option will fly even further than others, meanwhile allowing you to enjoy the stability and durability but, unfortunately, they are only available in a white color. Although this is the only disadvantage of this product, it can make it really hard to find them in the snow. These are sold at a great price. This is the lowest-priced option if compared with the costs of other similar products, so you will enjoy the high quality and some savings.

Low price No colors to choose from
Enhanced velocity core  
Increased durability  

Srixon Soft Feel

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These are great not only for players of different levels, but also for wintry conditions thanks to low swing speeds. Their soft core is able to maximize energy transfer. This is how you can count on the greater distance and softer feel. Their resilient core gets softer toward the center and the Ionomer cover ensures greater speed and lower spin off the driver for a longer distance and soft feel. This is another great choice for winter golf players.

Although the brand is not as famous as others, for instance, Callaway or Wilson, it has become a serious competitor thanks to producing high-quality equipment. Their products are available in different colors. This is especially good for those players who like to play in the cold because they can choose a color to be visible in the snow. The compression rating is 60. Although they are considered to be low-compression, this parameter is higher if compared to other similar products for winter.

Low price Not the lowest compression
Nice soft feel  
Great speed  
Great distance  


When it comes to choosing a cold weather golf ball, you should purchase the product that is the best for you in terms of price and quality. Our recommendations can help you. You can buy any product from the five options mentioned above and you can count on the great quality of the game during the harsh winter time. All of them have similar properties. You just need to carefully read each review to choose ideal option for wintry conditions, which will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest. Also, you can find information about best golf ball for slice.