The Perfect Golf Swing

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golf swingMany golf players who take it as entertainment and those with low golf handicaps don’t know the basics of a perfect golf swing.

You must divide the simple golf swing into every element before you can make a great golf swing. Every golf player’s dream of to swing perfectly.

Here are some elements of a perfect golf swing as follows. First is balanced, which is essential to a perfect swing.

When you read the instruction for golf beginners you will see balance as one of the first things to learn.

The balance begins with a good condition, including the following elements during the swing:

  • Head is behind the ball. Back shoulder is slightly lower than the front. 
  • Both shoulders are aligned parallel, left, of target.  
  • The hands are positioned just inside the front leg.  
  • The knees are slightly flexed. 
  • Feet are at slightly wider than shoulder width.

You should think about these elements seriously. Don’t stop practicing until you are able to make a perfect and natural golf swing with the “muscle memory”.

Another key to a perfect swing is a solid takeaway. You need to keep your arms ahead of your chest, flex knees slightly, point the front knee to the ball, and remain your hands and shoulders in sync.

A nice takeaway creates elements of the perfect golf swing, and a hard coil at the top of the swing.

Any experienced golf players understand that the real power is from the upper body coiling over the obstruction of the lower body, which depends on good gait. 

Pros place their left heel on the back swing and push off their right heel on the downswing, while if you were left-handed, you can reverse it. If you were left-handed, you would lift the left heel on the backswing and remain the right heel planted influential.

This is the opposite way you should do when you are right-handed.

You will make a longer and more accurate shot if you master the right gait.

Solid impact is the last element of a nice and easy golf swing. To achieve a solid impact, you should keep your front shoulder higher than the back slightly; your front arm, shoulder, and hip should be in a line; your hands should be in the same position and lead the club head into the ball; and your front wrist should be flat.

You will divert your weight from the right foot to the left one.

In one word, a perfect golf swing turns backward and then forward. During the process the front knee plays a role as a hub between the turns.

A Great Golf swing is simple, but no sense of ease. If you want to develop an easy and natural golf swing, you should master the elements of the swing and take “perfect practice” as many as possible.


3 Sure-Fire Golf Swing Tips to a Better Golf Swing

Why are there many golf players ashamed of the golf swing when they play around every time? That is because that they don’t master the principles of the golf swing, but swing a golf club in the way like it’s the first time they play.

The pillar of a golf player is a perfect golf swing, which should be practiced if you dreamed to be a Pro. If the top Pros were asked, such as Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods, Karrie Webb or Phil Mickelson, any of them would tell you that the most basic thing of a golf game is the golf swing.


Here are 3 golf swing tips to a better golf swing


The first question is how to begin a right golf swing? When you pick up the club the first thing is to grip it, so whether you can make a right swing or not depends mostly on how you grip it. The reason why the grip is so essential is that it is the only thing connecting you, the golf club and striking the ball.

Several basic golf grips are used by most players. Sitting the golf club at the right angle is critical so that you can stress the need for the right grip.

The left index finger should interlock with the pinkie finger of the right hand and the hands should grip the club comfortably and just strong enough to control it.

Another reason for making a perfect swing is the posture of the player. To master the right posture is not so difficult, so you can do it within just a few minutes. For a player, feet should be at the shoulder width and slightly wider except for certain hits.

Forward bending should be at the hips with straight back and keep the spine angle. Knees should bend slightly while arms should hang down over the ball at a proper distance.

The last reason for a perfect swing is the position of the golf ball. The golf ball should be placed in the middle of the stance mostly when you are about to shoot. You can change it only if it should be moved closer to the lead or to the front foot.

If there were some bad conditions like heavy rain or strong wind, you would move the ball slightly back in the stance, which can help you to make a lower and descending ball flight under these conditions.

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