The Basics of Golf Etiquette

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Golf etiquette not only is the proper manners of playing golf, the rules for the safety and enjoyment of the players, but also creates a harmonious circumstance and preserves the facilities.

Let’s look at some rules of golf etiquette as followed:

  1. Golf etiquette appears when you swing and there are players nearby. You should look around to see if you are staying on the way of other players’ swing or not. 
  2. You should not swing toward other players or persons when you are practicing. Because you might pick up cobbles, dirt or branches to the players. 
  3. That is to say, in golf etiquette you need to pay attention to the right time you perfect golf swing. The so-called right moment is when there is no player ahead of you. 
  4. When you have made a dangerous swing, shoot “fore” as loud as possible to warn people around you, but not wait for the ball to land and hit. 
  5. The golf links is a wonderful site for practicing controlling your temper, because it is very dangerous to throw a golf club when you are angry. 
  6. Golf etiquette remands that you should play the game at a great tempo and when it’s your turn to swing you need to pick up your club soon. If you are too slow to let them wait, they will hate you; so do they. 
  7. If the hole is “away” are far from you, you will prior to the “ready play” allowing these ready players to swing, which can be applied by an agreement among the golf players. It is agreed that “away” gets first honors in golf etiquette. 
  8. You have to find out your lost ball within 5 minutes. Send message to the players following you to play through your hole if you really can’t find it. 
  9. If you are a slow player who finds a gap ahead of him often, give a faster group the courtesy of playing through your hole to get ahead of you. 
  10. Keep quiet when another player is ready to hit the golf ball, and talk in whispers if you really have something to say. 
  11. There should not be boisterous behavior in golf etiquette even by a hole-in -one. Other groups may afraid of your shettings even if your partners don’t mind. 
  12. Make sure that there is no shadow of yours on the way of another player’s swing. 
  13. No one can step on or through a parting line and because of your foot pressure both the texture of the green and the path of the pit may be changed. You should step over the line or circle behind the player. 

To improve, everyone needs some tips in some areas, without exception for golfers. Even if you are a professional, you still need tips from other pros.

Actually, a golf tip can help you make a big progress. It can help all the players improve their swing styles no matter they are new golfers or the golf professionals.

Basically, you can find free golf tips from several sources, such as a golf magazine, TV channel, your golf friends, golf review websites,  and etc.

In fact, you can collect golf tips in plenty of ways, such as paying for golf lessons or just reading some golf magazines and online golf websites. Not all the golf tips work for you, like not all the club suit for each person.

If you just keep it but don’t use it, then it will be useless. Even though it doesn’t work for you, you should still remember it and introduce it to your friends but not forget it.


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